I spy with my Illinois eye.

Downstate here.

I’m actually somewhat stunned when I look at how different Trump and Rauner are on so many issues.   One of them sure seems like a Democrat dressed up in a Republican costume.

Remember when Republican Bruce Rauner wouldn’t even go meet the President when nearly every other Governor (of both parties) did attend?  Trump pledged to  get rid of a tax loophole that benefits Gov Rauner and other private equity moguls.  Real GOP even asked if Governor Rauner was for Hilary?

Well here’s another HUGE difference in positions between Republican Bruce Rauner and Republican Donald Trump.

Sanctuary State?

The thought that Governor Rauner could go along with Democrats and make Illinois a sanctuary state is completely against President Trump’s immigration initiatives.

Before you have a knee jerk reaction to someone downstate opposing immigration understand this important fact- It’s not personal – it’s economics.

Downstate people aren’t the racists bigoted xenophobes we’re made out to be by Big Town democrats.   That’s the convenient story line sold to you by democrats you can hate us for our political position.    Divide and conquer is always the politician’s friend.

In fact, It’s all about the money.   Our jobs don’t pay that much money.   We often drive a long way  to work at a decent job where we earn enough to raise a family.  The last thing we need is someone competing against us for the limited jobs we do have and lowering our wages.  It’s that simple.

If you’re mad at Downstate about being anti-illegal immigrant then you need to remember that we’re on the front line of the ‘unintended consequences” of an out of control border policy that benefits Big Businesses at the expense of the working guys.     Donald Trump was the first REPUBLICAN nominee to embrace the forgotten working man Republican voter since Ronald Reagan.     His win was HUGE for the forgotten man.  We’re not forgetting his pledges.

To us, Governor Rauner looks like a country club Mitt Romney Republican. As you’ll recall…he didn’t win his presidential race. Nope.

Remember Steve Bannon’s white board of pledges Donald Trump made to the electorate?    Well, here are the 18 specific items regarding immigration:


Pledges on immigration

-Cancel all federal funding to sanctuary cities

-Suspend immigration from terror-prone regions ✓

-Implement new extreme immigration vetting techn(ology)

-Suspend the Syrian Refugee Program ✓

-Create support program for victims of illegal im(migrants)

-Expand and revitalize the popular 287(g) partne(rships)

-Issue detainers for all illegal immigrants who are (…) for any crime, and they will be placed into im(migration) removal proceedings ✓

-End “Catch-And-Release” ✓

-Hire 5,000 new Border Patrol agents ✓

-Restore the Secure Communities Program ✓

-Triple the number of ICE agents ✓

-Build the border wall and eventually make Mexico (pay for it)

-Sunset our visa laws so that Congress is forced (…) revise and revisit them

-Finally complete the biometric entry-exit visa tra(cking system)

-Propose Passage of Davis-Oliver Bill

-Immediately terminate Obama’s “two illegal e(xecutive orders”?)

-(…) to pass “Kate’s Law”



1 thought on “Why is Rauner with the Democrats (and not Trump) on immigration?”

  1. So much for you, Gov Rauner! I will be looking elsewhere for my vote. You will not get it. You have let Illinois down. Guess it’s the almighty dollar again. Don’t you have enough already?

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