The conservative fallout continues over Rauner’s embarrassing interview on Special Report with Bret Baier on Fox News Channel Friday. To every question Bret Baier asked him, Rauner’s answer was a bizarre, robotic answer: “The system is broken.”

Watch the interview:

Ouch, that’s painful to watch.

Even Ann Coulter couldn’t stomach Rauner’s disturbingly liberal, evasive performance. He went “full RINO” in a display conservatives could not ignore:

Rauner’s interview was proof positive of what Real GOP Illinois has been arguing from the beginning. Bruce Rauner was always a liberal. He was never a conservative. We question whether Rauner was ever really a Republican or if he just saw an opportunity to buy the Illinois Republican Party for his own enrichment and the enrichment of his elite friends. Who has profited from Bruce Rauner? Let’s start naming names.

Conservative fallout on social media

FOX’s conservative audience was appalled by Rauner’s stonewalling baloney:

Rauner prefers Rahm, disses President Trump

During the interview, Gov. Rauner refused to condemn his friend Rahm Emanuel or support President Trump on the issue of illegal immigration:

BAIER:  We’re just talking about sanctuary cities issue.   And obviously you had the Mayor here suing the Attorney General, the Justice Department on Monday over this threat to cut anti-crime federal funds because Chicago’s a sanctuary city.  Who are you with on this one, President Trump or Mayor Emanuel?

RAUNER:  Well, I can tell you this, Illinois is a state built by immigrants.  My grandparents were immigrants and we — one in seven people in Illinois are immigrants.  So this is a very, very big issue.  I personally feel like we’ve got to have a system of immigration that works.  Our system is broken.  We need fundamental, dramatic immigration reform. And rather than lawsuits, and rather than name calling or fighting about which community is going to enforce our laws and which aren’t, I think we should have a thoughtful rational discussion about our immigration laws themselves.  Which ones should we enforce and which ones should we change or repeal?  That’d be far more productive.

Rauner refuses to denounce Rahm Emanuel or say whether he will veto Illinois’ sanctuary state bill

And here’s what Gov. Rauner had to say on the issue of whether or not he would veto Illinois’ sanctuary state bill, SB31:

BRET BAIER, HOST OF SPECIAL REPORT:  So, why shouldn’t Chicago follow federal law?

RAUNER:  Well, I tell you this; the system is broken.  We need to keep our people safe.  Here’s the issue; we have to put priority on keeping the people of America safe and making sure that we have laws that we enforce and that the laws are rational and they’re implemented everywhere.

BAIER:  So, you have this bill, SB-31 on your desk.  According to the Chicago Tribune, the bill would prohibit police from searching, arresting, or detaining a person because of their immigration status, absent a federal criminal warrant.  It would also create so-called safe zones in state-funded schools, healthcare centers, secretary of state facilities and block state and local enforcement agencies from creating registries based on race, religion, and national origin. So are you going to sign that bill?

RAUNER:  So, our staff is evaluating that bill right now.  In fact, we are meeting with law enforcement agencies and law enforcement leaders in the state to get their views on it.  We’re going to evaluate it and then we’ll make an announcement about how we’re going to deal with that.

What does this even mean? It means Gov. Rauner supports his longtime associate, Rahm Emanuel. It also means Rauner may allow Illinois to become a full-on sanctuary state. 

Real GOP Illinois says it’s time to look beyond Bruce Rauner and begin to rebuild the Illinois Republican Party from scratch. We need to purge the party and the conservative movement of Raunerites.

Rauner was never one of us.



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