How did Governor Bruce Rauner triple his income since his election? Did the income jump have anything to do with his financial firm, GTCR’s investment of Illinois’ pension funds? The Illinois Governor controls appointments to the Illinois State Board of Investments – the board that controls state investment dollars.

Rauner released his 2015 tax returns reveal that he and wife Diana had more than $188 million in state taxable income, a huge jump from a year prior when they reported an income of $58 million.

Rauner paid more than $50 million in federal and state taxes, for a total tax rate of 26 percent.

“Yeah, I’ve tripled my income in 3 years!” – Bruce Rauner

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How Rauner profits: Illinois Policy Institute appointee doubled Illinois’ private equity investment

UPDATE: Is Rauner’s firm GTCR losing millions of dollars for Illinois?



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