Beware of rich Libertarians spending other people’s money

Now the take over is complete.   The Illinois Policy Institute is fully in the driver’s seat with the new appointments in the Governor’s office.   Did you realize we elected the first Illinois Libertarian Governor in 2014?  Neither did we until recently.

Of course, they’re only Libertarians when it suits them.  Never mind that they’re taking government pay (I’m looking at you  “true believers” who moved from IPI to the Governors staff taking government pay stolen from worthy taxpayers); eating food inspected by the Department of Agriculture; living in a house built to proper building code standards; expect the Board of Elections to do their job in the upcoming election; use the public infrastructure to move around,  a fair number of them were probably educated at public universities that they helped decimated over the past 2.5 years; some even make their living managing government pension money  and then use tax loopholes to avoid taxes.

While we’re at it… why does the Illinois Policy Institute operate as a non-profit?

Why don’t they act like a true libertarian organization and operate as a straight charity and give up the “government control” required for them to keep their tax exempt status?   Why indeed?  They claim to be Libertarians but they really like (and need)  their tax subsidized donations to stay in “business”!  Hypocrites.

Gee- don’t you have to be non-political to keep your non-profit status?

Never mind all that !  they’re successful all on their own- just ask them.

Will Illinois become a sanctuary state with Libertarians in charge?

There is a reason that the Libertarian Party is a separate political party from the Republican Party.

Are real Republicans going to be happy with having their Party taken over by Libertarians?  I don’t think so.   The  purge is underway now to get rid of moderate or socially conservative or fiscally conservative Republicans.

There are many differences between libertarians and Republicans.  Here’s an important one:  Libertarians don’t believe we should have national borders.    I can assure you that Libertarians don’t support the Trump wall.   Maybe this was why Governor Rauner didn’t support Republican nominee Donald Trump for president?  Or even say his name.

Watch out Trump supporters!   The Libertarians will be for open borders and sanctuary cities.

Maybe they will even make Illinois a great libertarian experiment by making Illinois the first sanctuary state.   (No joke here- Look up the “Illinois trust act”).

Meet Ayn Rand’s friend who helped blow up the economy

Libertarians love Ayn Rand.   She is  the ultimate ‘thought leader’ for the libertarian think tanks like Illinois Policy Institute.    She wrote the book ‘Atlas Shrugged’ that is source for so many witty debate points by true ‘Randians’.

Let’s take a look at someone who really knew Ayn Rand.  Former Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan met Ayn Rand back in the 1950’s.    Greenspan not only worshiped at the feet of Rand but wrote essays for her “Objectivist” newsletter and contributed articles for her book Capitalism: The Unknown Ideal.    If anyone really understood libertarian ideas it was Alan Greenspan.

When Alan Greenspan was running the Federal Reserve he brought his Libertarian ideas and applied them all while he was taking government pay.   Alan Greenspan thought the financial market participants would ‘police themselves’ and that there wasn’t any need for government regulation.

The 2008 Wall Street Bailout was managed by former Secretary of Treasury Hank Paulson.

We all know what happened with no ‘cop on the beat’.   The looting began.  The banks brought the economy to it’s knees in 2008.  That’s when Republican President Bush and Illinois’ own Republican Secretary of Treasury Hank Paulson presided over the biggest governmental bail out ever in the history of the United States.   The financial industry managed to get billions of dollars from taxpayers in order to ‘save the economy’.  How is that anything like a libertarian idea?  It’s not.

Pay attention Illinois!  The fleecing was done by the banking industry to get taxpayer money and it happened in during a Republican administration.

Former Treasury Secretary (and admitted Hillary Clinton backer) is donating money to Governor Rauner

Now Hank Paulson, the former CEO of Goldman Sachs, is donating money to Governor Bruce Rauner’s campaign.   Hank Paulson and Bruce Rauner are fellow alumini from Dartmouth (along with Tim Geithner). .

Hank’s most recent donation to Bruce Rauner was for $25,000 on 6/30/17.   That was right before the budget deal went down.   Be sure to see who else benefits from the Illinois native and our former Treasury Secretary’s donations (hint: it’s Bill Daley and Rahm Emanuel).

Bruce Rauner already put in $50,000,000 of his own money into his campaign fund.   He then hit up his SEC censured financial operator and Illinois’ wealthiest resident Ken Griffin for another $20,000,000.   I wonder why Bruce is even soliciting additional donations for his campaign?  Doesn’t he have enough from his wealthy friends?  Oh yes- it’s to make it look like the little people support him and his policies.

With 2008 as our teachable moment- Now that the ‘bailout’ -Libertarians are fully in charge of the Governorship. Watch out Illinois!

Hank Paulson said before the recent election he would vote for Hillary Clinton and that a Trump presidency is unthinkable.   Real GOP also wonders if Rauner supported Hillary in the last election.


Libertarian Greenspan admits after 40 years as a true believer that his ideology was wrong

After the 2008 financial collapse and tax payer bailout, the Ayn Rand trained Libertarian Alan Greenspan was brought before Congress in 2009 to answer for his failures.    Why wasn’t Greenspan using the powers that he had as Federal Reserve chairman to watch out for systemic risk?  It went against his ideology.    What about when the whole economy was about go bust without $800 billion tax payer infusion?  How was that possible?  Didn’t the Libertarian philosophy claim that self interest will allow markets to police themselves?

Watch him say that his view of the world- his ideology for the past 40 years was wrong.  Shocking!  Contrition doesn’t undo the damage.




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