Americans for Prosperity is targeting 16 Illinois legislators who voted to override Bruce Rauner’s supposed veto of SB9 – Illinois 32% permanent income tax increase. Strangely enough, though, they AREN’T targeting the Governor’s pet GOP legislators that were propped up by Rauner through appointment or independent expenditure PACS.

Who is AFP protecting on behalf of Bruce Rauner?

Some of the GOP legislators not on AFP’s list are:

  • Rep. Sara Wojcicki Jimenez was appointed by Bruce Rauner to replace Rep. Raymond Poe. Before her appointment, Jimenez was Diana Rauner’s chief of staff earning $100,000 per year – despite the budget crisis. Since Rauner appointed her, she has received $334,463.76 from the Illinois Republican Party.
  • Rep. Reggie Phillips was heavily funded by Rauner and his donors through Liberty Principles PAC expenditures. Liberty Principles PAC spent $154,653.33 for 2014 & 2016 elections supporting Reggie Phillips. Bruce and Diana Rauner donated $10,600 to Phillips in 2014 and Citizens for Rauner gave Phillips another $53,000 in Feb 2016.
  • Rep. Terri Bryant  is another Republican heavily funded by Rauner and his donors through Liberty Principles PAC expenditures. Liberty Principles PAC spent a total of $141,850.70 either supporting Bryant or opposing her candidate in 2014 & 2016 elections.

Why isn’t AFP targeting ALL the Republicans who voted for the override instead of skipping the ones Rauner controls? Is it because Governor Rauner asked them NOT to target them?

Flyer: AFP targets some GOP legislators – but not those close to Gov. Bruce Rauner.

Perhaps it’s even worse than that.

Because Rauner was onboard with the tax hikes

In late June, there were already public signs Rauner was VERY WILLING to sign on to the 32% permanent income tax increase – without any reforms – and the Wall Street Journal, branding him “Gov. Junk,” called him out on it.

According to the WSJ:

On Tuesday evening the Governor with the worst job in America explained why he and his fellow Republicans have offered to raise taxes for the sake of ending a multiyear budget impasse with Democrats. He said he’ll accept a four-year increase in the flat state income tax to 4.95% from the current 3.75%, expand the sales tax and implement a cable and satellite TV tax.

This is a political defeat by any definition since Mr. Rauner campaigned on lowering the income tax to 3%, not on restoring the rate close to what it was under the last Democratic Governor. The “temporary” 5% rate partially sunset in December 2014. Democrats who run the legislature refused to negotiate over a budget unless Mr. Rauner agreed to a tax increase, and now they’re refusing to make notable spending or economic reforms in return. […]

One week later, Rauner was in full posture mode, claiming he would veto the tax increase when the reality was, he was well aware there would be an override of his veto and that his own GOP lieutenants would make sure he had political cover.  

There’s more to the story. Read how Bruce Rauner and the Illinois Policy Institute sold out Illinois voters on the tax hike deal here.



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