It’s Day 8 of the glorious new Rauner regime and Rauner’s almost “body-man” Ben Tracy has already gotten himself fired on his very first day after racially offensive were discovered on his Twitter feed.

Tracy was an intern with the Rauner-funded Illinois Opportunity Project and also worked for the Illinois House GOP. Whatta guy.

It’s not right to pick on Ben Tracy alone. What about Rauner’s other newly hired guns? Are they the best and the brightest? Are they real Republicans and conservatives? Or are they political scavengers willing to prostitute themselves for any career advancement?

Real GOP Illinois found this gem on the Twitter feed of Rauner’s newly hired communications specialist, Meghan Keenan:

Before being tapped by Rauner, Keenan was a communications analyst for the supposedly conservative Illinois Policy Institute. Working for the “Illinois Policy Institute” made Keenan “so honored to meet @NancyPelosi,” huh?

After conservatives and Republicans gave Rahm Emanuel’s good friend, Bruce Rauner, a chance at being governor in 2014, he repaid us by hiring Mark Kirk’s former staff and some shady wonks from Illinois Policy Institute who have run Illinois into the ground, plunging us deeper into debt and profiting from it. Go figure.

No wonder conservative Republican voters are having second thoughts about Rauner.



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