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Candidate Rauner didn’t disclose his close ties to both Rahm Emanuel and Bill Daley to downstate voters

Watch this video.   Here’s part of the transcript.


Question:  What is your connection with Emanuel and also (Bill) Daley wants you to win also?

Bruce Rauner:  Bill Daley who dropped out (of the Governor’s race that I’m running in as well) said Rauner is the best candidate and he’ll probably win.. He’s right.  It’s absolutely true.

And Rahm Emanuel I’ve worked with Rahm Emanuel and I’ve worked with Rich Daley because the Mayors control the schools.

Notice the switch?  Bruce started talking about Bill Daley (“the businessman”) and then switch to Rich Daley (“the mayor”).

The question was about Bill Daley.    Bruce Rauner starts the answer by talking about Bill Daley.   Bill Daley announced he was was running for Governor AGAINST Bruce Rauner early in the campaign cycle.    Once you hear there’s a Daley running for anything in Illinois the smart money gets on board with Bill Daley.   This blocks any other challengers from jumping into the race because there will be no money left to fund other Democratic candidates.    Bill Daley dropped out of the race for Governor after the crucial window to line up donors had passed and then ‘endorsed’ Bruce Rauner- sort of.    Why did he drop out?

Bill Daley said a lifetime in politics had not prepared him for the “enormity” of his first run for office and the challenge of leading the state through difficult times.

(It sounds like Bill Daley just said –  oops never mind – the job sounds tough!)

Rich Daley is Bill Daley’s brother.   Both Rich Daley and Bill Daley are sons of Richard J. Daley, the original Chicago Daley machine democrat Mayor.

Candidate Bruce Rauner didn’t disclose that he worked with both Bill Daley and Rahm Emanuel to make money together.

Yes they were all three working together in a sweet deal that made a mountain of cash for all involved.   How you say?   Stay tuned.  We will explain that story shortly.

But for now, watch the video and answer the question.

Why didn’t Bruce Rauner tell voters that he and Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel vacation together?  and make money together?

Was Bruce Rauner and outsider when he ran for Governor?  You decide.

Is this the kind of successful businessman you thought you were electing?  Does he sound like an outsider to you?

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