Formerly pro-life leader, Paul Caprio is so laughably predictable, you can time his sellouts by a stopwatch. Like this one, where Caprio endorsed Rauner for Governor, despite his pro-abortion position and financial support of Planned Parenthood:

Statement from Family-Pac’s Paul Caprio, October 27, 2014.

Previously, Caprio was “supposedly” this big pro-life leader. Not.

This week, the head of Family PAC – or whatever that is now after Rauner’s pro-abortion forces infiltrated it – sent out an email blast to his “followers” railing against the 10 Republican state legislators who supposedly sided with the evil Mike Madigan to support a 32% tax increase and prevent the state from being downgraded to junk status.

In his email blast, Craprio said this: “Rauner was doggedly consistent. He would consider a modest tax increase in return for badly needed reforms.” Even Rauner’s formerly pro-life lackey, Crapio, admits it: Rauner was “OK” with an income tax increase!

Republican insiders have been saying for WEEKS BEFORE THE TAX HIKE that Rauner supported the tax increase and was trying to find a way to get it passed without political harm to his re-election effort. 

Remember, the Wall Street Journal called out Governor Junk on his support for a four-year income tax increase from 3.75% to 4.95%

In late June, Rauner was tripping over himself to explain why Republicans would now support a massive income tax increase, expand the sales tax, and implement a satellite and cable tax to end the budget impasse. Conservative Republican voters were seething: Not only did Rauner triple our unpaid state debt from $4 billion to more than $15 billion but now he was onboard with raising state income taxes to Pat Quinn levels!

This was Rauner’s plan all along – he just couldn’t afford politically to take the heat for the tax increase so he reverted to the coward he really is.

Why should conservatives trust Rauner, his thugs at Illinois Policy Institute, or people like Crapio on any issue?

Rauner desperately needed Republican scapegoats for his tax hike and Crapio signed on to help him

Rauner needed cover. His plan? Let Republicans dangle, provide no leadership on the budget or the tax increase, allow downstate legislators to vote for the override, make sure the cameras are rolling and then rail in anger over the tax increase.

It was time for Caprio and the quislings at Illinois Policy Institute to get to work, helping position Rauner for his re-election

On Tuesday, Craprio sent out his little email blast with the phone numbers of the 10 Republicans who voted for the override (with Rauner’s blessing), encouraging pro-family voters to rage against the machine. Some of these legislators were appointed by Rauner or are in his back pocket after he jerry-rigged their elections with six figure independent expenditures to their campaigns.

Real GOP Illinois will be connecting the dots on the Republicans who voted for the override (at Rauner’s behest) and their nexus to Rauner and his pocketbook. 

Caprio has betrayed pro-life voters over and over again. Why? What has Rauner promised him?

On October 27, 2014, Caprio issued a public letter urging pro-family, pro-life voters to support Rauner for governor despite his pro-abortion positions.

If Rauner weren’t a powerful, wealthy man with connections to other powerful men, like Rahm Emanuel’s mega donor, Ken Griffin, Illinois’ richest man, would Caprio have endorsed him despite his pro-abortion, Planned Parenthood positions? Real GOP Illinois wants to know.

In February 2016, Caprio broke with pro-life leaders statewide and endorsed Rauner’s pet candidate Bryce Benton against long-time pro-life conservative Sen. Sam McCann. Rauner tried to make an example of McCann to send a message to other conservative Republicans not to “cross Rauner.” McCann, beloved in his district, beat back Rauner’s vindictive multi-million dollar effort despite overwhelming odds. A Rauner insider was forced to admit, “He [McCann] was a god in that district.”

Caprio stoops so low that he would attack a veteran pro-life conservative Republican legislator on behalf of a pro-abortion governor?

Worse yet, Caprio has been nowhere to be found on Rauner’s support for an Illinois abortion bill forcing pro-life doctors and crisis pregnancy centers to promote abortion. Caprio has been strangely mum on this issue. Where are the marches? Where are the protests? Where are the angry email blasts and finger pointing?

Ask Caprio (Craprio) why he supports this pro-abortion governor who supported a 4.95% income tax on Illinois voters at: (312) 670-4238 or (312) 330-5391.



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