Illinois Republican voters, we’ve been had. Hoodwinked. Duped. Bamboozled. And we have Governor Bruce Rauner, his GOP lieutenants and the Illinois Policy Institute to thank for last week’s permanent 32% income tax increase.

We can whine all we want about Madigan and the Democrats but they are doing what Democrats do. We elect Republicans to be different – not to sign on lock, stock, and dirty barrel to the Democrats Big Government, tax and spend agenda and that is what Rauner and his supporters have done to us.

Rauner’s fake outrage over Illinois’ 32% tax hike

After last week’s override of his tax hike veto, Gov. Rauner raised his voice and pounded his fist in outrage, ensuring the media soundbite. This is cheap production value for the Governor’s 2018 campaign commercials but it isn’t going to come cheap to voters.

In 2014, Pat Quinn left Illinois with $4 billion in unpaid bills. Rauner has racked up $21 billion in unpaid bills including an estimated $6.6 billion in debt state agencies are withholding. With Rauner’s Madigan dance resulting in none of the Governor’s promised reforms – term limits, pension reform, spending cuts, and an end to waste, fraud, and abuse – the only thing he has delivered to Illinois GOP voters is despair.

In the short term, Rauner got the newspaper headlines he wanted all over Illinois: House overrides Rauner’s tax hike veto. You see, Rauner really wanted this 32% income tax increase but, of course, he couldn’t publicly support it, could he?  He demanded political cover. Rauner wanted to have his tax hike cake and eat it too and that’s what he got with the help of 10 state house Republicans.

Real GOP Illinois will be exposing the ties between Governor Rauner and his top GOP lieutenants who voted for the tax hike and the override of Rauner’s veto in a new article this week.

Rauner’s deal with Illinois Policy Institute to dupe conservatives again

Thanks to Real GOP Illinois, Illinois Policy Institute lackeys were forced to call-out the Governor for his secret plan to support the Democrats’ massive tax hike to “save Illinois from junk status.”

On Monday, Rauner fired his Chief of Staff Richard Goldberg, former Deputy Chief of Staff to Sen. Mark Kirk, and hired Kristina Rasmussen, President and COO of the Illinois Policy Institute. This was the “deal” Rauner cut with Illinois Policy Institute’s John Tillman in exchange for his group’s political support and silence on the tax hike.

With cash-in-hand, Illinois Policy Institute strong-armed tea party and pro-life leaders to “look the other way” on Rauner in 2014

Rauner and his big wig donors have donated millions of dollars to Mr. Tillman and his political organizations for many years in order to pave the way for Rauner’s gubernatorial run and provide cover for his Democrat past. Rauner and his wife, Diana, are close friends with Mayor Rahm Emanuel and have a history as major donors to Planned Parenthood, the ACLU, and the Democrat National Committee.

Illinois Policy Institute’s Pat Hughes and Dan Proft admit they sold out to Rauner on abortion

Check out Illinois Policy Institute’s quislings Pat Hughes and Dan Proft admit they sold out to Rauner on abortion. It’s not pretty but covering your a$$ never is.




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