Downstate here.

You’ll have to pardon us downstate Republicans for just catching up with this news.    You see we don’t subscribe to the Chicago Tribune.   We have a daily paper in our bigger towns and a weekly paper in our smaller towns.   Most of our daily papers are being fed pool reporter stories or, if they’re lucky,  they may still have a Springfield bureau reporter.   We get a lot of reprinted press releases and spin with the occasional soft follow up question.

We were told a WAY different story about Bruce Rauner when he came downstate to campaign in 2014.

It’s time to answer the question: Was Bruce Rauner an outsider when he ran for Governor?

You decide.

The Chicago Way

It’s time to turn our attention to Chicago.

Rahm Emanuel.

Would it surprise you if I were to tell you that the then sitting White House Chief of Staff for President Barack Obama (and later Democratic Mayor of Chicago) Rahm Emanuel and Bruce Rauner went on vacation together in 2010?

Not just to anywhere.  They didn’t just bump into each other when they were both on vacation.  No- Rahm Emanual was a hosted house guest on vacation with the Bruce Rauner.  This was at one of Bruce Rauner’s 9 houses.   The house for this vacation was in an area favored by plutocrats for fly fishing in Montana.

Maybe they fished together?

Drank wine together?

Tom Brokaw has a house in the same part of Montana and chuckled when he told the ‘insider story’ of Rahm fishing for trout and what happened when the fish didn’t cooperate.

Apparently photos were not expected because Rahm threatened a food critic in Montana who was taking his picture.   Well, actually, the food critic was taking a picture of the bottle of wine on the table and mistook Rahm for “someone famous”.

Rahm said, ” “You better not put that [photo] anywhere, or you’re in big trouble.”

I wonder why Rahm didn’t want any photos of himself on vacation at the Rauners in Montana?

The food critic wrote about his encounter (but didn’t post the photo interestingly)-

As for his threat that I would be in “big trouble” if I published his photo, puh-leeze. What’s he going to do, tell Barack Obama on me? And the man is the White House Chief of Staff—what did he think would happen when he took the job, that nobody would take his picture, that somehow the First Amendment would not apply? And just exactly what did he mean, that I would be in “Big Trouble?” Would he use the power of his taxpayer funded office against a mere food critic?

Ummm…yes?   I can only guess that food critics in Montana don’t know about the Chicago Way.

Wine anyone?

By the way- that bottle of wine? Emanuel carried a bottle of Napa Valley Reserve. The wine — which a spokeswoman says was not Emanuel’s — is so exclusive it is available only through a private vineyard whose members pay six figures to join the club.

Bruce Rauner later confirmed that he is a member of that $100,000 + exclusive wine club.

I wonder if the wine had to be disclosed as a ‘gift’?  Or the entire vacation for that matter?

Surprise – surprise

What if I told you that Rauner donated to Rahm’s 2012 mayoral campaign?    and donated $50,000 to former Chicago Mayor Richard M. Daley’s campaign in 2003?   And pulled a Democrat ballot in the 2006 primary?

We’ll if that surprised you then you’re really going to be surprised when you find out how Rahm Emanuel made his millions.   There’s a Daley connection too.

Stay tuned.


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Here’s a photo from their vacation together – each with a bottle of wine:

Wine anyone? – No photos please!




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