Modern day Pinkertons spying on a Springfield, IL church

I spy with my Illinois eye.
Downstate Here.

I think I saw the “Don’t Tread On Me” flag at least 3 times today.   This isn’t unusual.   We take our property rights and our freedom seriously downstate.   We also take our religious freedom and privacy rights seriously.

You know the Dakota Access Pipeline that was in the news so much last fall for the protests?   The one out West somewhere?   Well, you may not know this, but the other end of the pipe line ends in Illinois.  The oil that will be in the pipe line when construction is complete will be coming from North Dakota to Southern Illinois.

This isn’t a big deal downstate.  We need the construction jobs and it’s not like we’re going to change where the pipeline is ending.  It’s coming.

HOWEVER- There’s a development that has an Illinois angle in the pipeline protests.

A Springfield, Illinois  church was  ‘monitored’ by a private security force for persons of interest as reported in the Nov 11, 2016 situation report.

What happened?   Well the pipeline hired private security forces (many former military) and they’re protecting the pipeline and the construction crews.   Recently some of what these private security forces have been actually doing has come light.

Apparently a church in Springfield, IL was labeled as ‘anti-D A P L’ and became the subject of their surveillance.

The fact that a corporation can hire what looks like modern day Pinkertons to spy on a Springfield, IL church is an affront to all things sacred.

What about separation of church and State?

What about the right to assemble peaceably?

What about the freedom of association?

What about due process?

The cops can’t do surveillance in a church without probable cause.   What are these people doing except ‘organizing’ a protest?  Isn’t that the American way?    And at a church?  Is nothing sacred?

Persons of Interest

People are being identified as ‘persons of interest’ and then followed around or tracked on social media by this private security company.   They’re associations are being linked and mapped.

They’re names and activities are being logged in a ‘sharefile’.  Are local police and State police getting access to this ‘sharefile’?

Of course, I’m only speculating but with a name like ‘sharefile’ – I’m guessing it is a…..file that is meant to be…..shared.

If the law enforcement can’t collect this information without probable cause; how can they gain access to this  information gathered from this ‘sharefile‘ ?   Wouldn’t this information be ‘off-limits’ too?

I may not want to protest with them but I’ll defend their right to organize a protest in a church.

Why is it ok to have a private security company acting like a private military within our borders?

We have a lot of both current and former military citizens downstate.    I don’t think they’d be very happy to know this is going on in their back yards.

Where’s the oversight?   Freedom anyone?

There’s more about the surveillance in Illinois if you read the “Internal situation reports” on this page.

A Springfield church is the subject of their concern in the Nov 11, 2016 situation report.




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