I spy with my Illinois eye.

Downstate here.

Everywhere Governor Rauner went last fall campaigning for local or state or national candidates it was always the same….way too many Mark Kirk and Leslie Munger signs.    But where were the Trump signs?

Why didn’t Governor Rauner go to the Republican National Convention with the Illinois delegation to support the GOP nominee for President – Donald Trump?

Why did Governor Rauner refuse to endorse Trump in the general election?

Republican Day at the Illinois State Fair – The Rauner-controlled Illinois GOP refused to support Donald Trump 

After the Republican National Convention nominated Donald Trump, Illinois held the annual State Fair.   You know the drill.   Party loyalists put on a shirt and pick up a sign and sit in the backdrop of where the Governor will speak.   It’s a “rah rah” event meant to get everyone on board and energized for the important fall campaign season.

So you can see from the photo below – The entire effort was to support the eventual losers Mark Kirk and Leslie Munger. The red circles are either Mark Kirk or Leslie Munger signs of support.

Why was electing a liberal Comptroller of Illinois and a liberal U.S. Senator more important the supporting the REPUBLICAN PRESIDENTIAL NOMINEE and defeating Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Barack Obama’s legacy?

The pro-Trump supporters have to “go rogue” and sneak onto the edge of bandstand to flash their Trump signs (yellow arrow).

Does this look like Governor Rauner was supporting Trump?

Watch the whole video of Governor Rauner at the Illinois State Fair in 2016.

This was an about face from Governor Rauner’s statement in March 2016 where he said:

“I will support the Republican nominee for President… I will do everything I can to work with that nominee.”



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