Was Governor Rauner for Hillary?

Governor Rauner’s firm  GTCR was one of the 91 companies who paid Hillary Clinton an exorbitant “speaking fee” shortly after she left the job of Secretary of State.

This was before Hillary announced she was running for President.  I’m sure it was nice to round up a couple of HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS for giving a ‘speech” to Golder Thomas Cressy and Rauner (GTCR).

Yes, GTCR paid $280,000 to Hillary Clinton on June 24, 2014 for one of those very important speeches.

What could she say that would be worth paying that amount of money?  For a couple of hours (at the most) of speaking?   Or was it to have influence later?

Why was the Wall Street Money for Hillary and not Trump?

GTCR  joined other financial giants as Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America, and Goldman Sachs in helping Hillary Clinton raise money after leaving service for the Obama White House.

Yes- Bruce Rauner left GTCR in 2012 but he hasn’t answered the question as to whether or not he attended the Hillary Clinton speech bankrolled by the firm that still bears his name (the “R” in GTCR stands for Rauner).

And let’s not forget that Governor Rauner continues to make millions and millions each year as a major GTCR investor.  So while he may have ‘retired’ he didn’t divest himself from GTCR.



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