Real GOP Illinois has issued the following statement about Gov. Rauner’s proposed budget and its $4.6 billion shortfall:

Real GOP Illinois is disappointed with Gov. Rauner and we are angry at his broken promise to voters. In 2014, we believed we were electing a fiscal conservative, who would balance the budget, provide tax relief, and end wasteful spending and insider games. Gov. Rauner has done none of these things and, in fact, has submitted a budget that is $4.6 billion out of balance.

The nonpartisan Civic Federation blasted Rauner Tuesday said it can’t support Rauner’s budget because it has an operating deficit of $4.6 billion and doesn’t address the state’s backlog of bills. The group projects the state’s backlog of unpaid bills will reach nearly $20 billion by the end of next year!

In 2013, Gov. Rauner condemned the state’s bill backlog under Pat Quinn in a tweet:

Under Gov. Rauner, the current backlog of unpaid bills has reached almost $13 billion.

Back in March, Gov. Rauner claimed he wanted to chop the state’s budget. He requested “extraordinary budget authority,” to reduce state spending unilaterally. At a senate hearing, the Governor’s budget director, Scott Harry refused to say what he’d cut and, when pressed, said a “list [of cuts] does not exist.”

Republicans elected Gov. Rauner on a message of true reform; he promised he would “shake up Springfield.” Question: Is submitting an unbalanced budget with a $4.6 billion shortfall and no list of spending cuts what Gov. Rauner promised?

The answer: No, it isn’t.



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