In 2014, Gov. Rauner promised voters he would “Shake up Springfield.” He said it was his “moral duty” to take Illinois back from the corrupt insiders. Has Rauner kept his promise to voters?

Last week, Gov. Rauner asked a judge to decide whether “state employees who were improperly hired under former Gov. Pat Quinn should keep union contract job protections.”

According to a statement released last Wednesday, Rauner’s office said at least 36 employees who were improperly hired into Illinois Department of Transportation positions remain employed with the state.

Real GOP Illinois says that if the employees were improperly hired they should be fired but corrupt members of Gov. Rauner’s administration should also be fired.

Earlier this month, Real GOP Illinois reported on a suspicious warehouse leasing deal authorized by Gov. Rauner’s appointee to the Board of Procurement, Frank Vala. The deal, benefitting ex-con Bill Cellini and members of his family, will cost Illinois taxpayers $2.4 million at a time when Illinois doesn’t even have a budget! The sketchy deal could end up costing taxpayers as much as $12 million.

There’s more.

According to a new report by WCIA bureau chief Mark Maxwell, Vala authorized a SECOND warehouse deal involving the Illinois Department of Transportation which benefits – you guessed it – Bill Cellini and his family.

From Maxwell’s report:

Taxpayers are on the hook for a second warehouse, the owners of which, have ties to Bill Cellini. 

A newly constructed warehouse in the 2100-block of Eastdale Avenue displays a large sign reading ‘State of Illinois Department of Transportation.’ 

Just last year, it was an empty lot. Jesse Moats, owner of BJD Properties, Inc., built a 16,000 square foot warehouse and quickly leased it to the state for 5 years at $1.3 million.

The new warehouse is less than one-third the size of the old Barney’s Furniture warehouse which sits just blocks away at 2410 South Grand Avenue East. Both lease deals are under increasing scrutiny for their costs and for their connections to a Republican power broker [Bill Cellini].

Gov. Rauner has refused to accept any responsibility for Vala or even suggest the dirty warehouse deals were improper.

That’s the response of a typical politician and that is a disappointment to GOP voters.

Gov. Rauner can’t have it both ways. He said he had a “moral duty” to end insider corruption but he’s not ending it in his own Administration. He’s said that he would give his Administration an “A” for the things he can control. He can control this. He can fire Mr. Vala now.

Illinois doesn’t even have a budget. The unpaid bills are mounting and Illinois taxpayers will eventually be forced to pay for them. Why is Rauner’s appointee shoveling money to the likes of Bill Cellini, who was convicted in a federal shakedown with Tony Rezko, President Obama’s former fundraiser?

Is this what Rauner means by his “moral duty?”

If Gov. Rauner doesn’t fire his appointee, which he has the power to do immediately, then Real GOP Illinois doesn’t believe he is sincere about ending insider corruption.

Gov. Rauner, fire your appointee Frank Vala and show the people of Illinois you aren’t just another politician. If you want to clean house, please start with your own. It’s time to put up or shut up.





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