Real GOP Illinois received this letter through our tip form and the reader asks a great question. What do you think?

Does Director of Illinois Tourism, Cory Jobe, have any shame? Why would he, an Illinois state Republican official, appointed by Gov. Bruce Rauner, give $1,000 contribution to a Democrat? It’s not as if the Democrat needs it.

Funded by large union contributions, DiCenso has $40,000 in donations, giving her an easy path to winning the Ward 6 Springfield City Council seat. Republican Martin Fruchtl doesn’t even have enough money to start his campaign!

Where are our Republican leaders? Where is the local GOP? Where is Gov. Rauner? Why isn’t he helping Fruchtl? Why does Cory Jobe still have a job?

The truth is Jobe has never acted like a Republican. Back in 2011, Jobe was praised as Springfield’s first openly gay member of the City Council.  He worked for liberal Judy Baar Topinka for more than 11 years and served as Topinka’s downstate director of development and then as her deputy chief of staff when she was elected comptroller. Let’s not forget Judy Baar Topinka’s storied record. In 2013, she spoke at a rally to encourage illegal immigration groups. She routinely headlined gay marriage rallies with the low-life likes of Democrats Sen. Dick Durbin, Attorney General Lisa Madigan, and former Gov. Pat Quinn.

After Rauner appointed Jobe to the Illinois Tourism Board (where he makes a six-figure salary and a pension you and I would give our eye-teeth for), Jobe fled to Chicago to be with his domestic partner.  Jobe is now following in Topinka’s left-wing footsteps: He’s openly supporting a Democrat for Springfield City Council.

I’m sick and tired of fake Republicans like Jobe and I have to ask why Rauner appointed this Democrat masquerading in Republican clothing? Is Rauner a Democrat too?



2 thoughts on “READER: Why is Rauner’s appointee giving money to Springfield Democrats?”

  1. Cory worked hard as my alderman. He represented 6 tirelessly and never asked party affiliation. This piece of “journalism” is reckless for saying you can’t be republican and gay or that you can’t support cross party ideas. It’s Illinois, Republicans in the north of the state have a different outlook than those in the south and in other states.

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